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The Floyd Effect

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[Sat 26th Jan 2013] I've just come back from a front-seat experience at Maidstone watching these Guys- Wow!- I've seen Floyd before and the sound tonight was superb- the guitars got the stereo sound perfect on Animals, the patches for the pedals produced that Gilmour sound- The Ladies on Vocals during 'Great Gig' took me back to Wembley 87- powerful and punchy. I took my 14-year old - who plays guitar- and he was very impressed- 'Legend' he said!- and promptly loaded Marks Comfortably Numb solo up onto YouTube- Thank You! - Patrick Morgan
Reply from The Floyd Effect: Hi Patrick,
thank you, glad you enjoyed the show. Top audience for our first time at the Hazlitt, even with our parking problems we had great fun :o)

Hope we see you again soon.

All the best
(Gig: at on Saturday 26th January 2013)
[Sun 2nd Dec 2012] Fantastic evening.Thank you! :) - P. Kelly
Reply from The Floyd Effect: You are very welcome, thank you for coming along to see us.
(Gig: The Floyd Effect at Trinity Arts Centre, Royal Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 1st December 2012)
[Sun 2nd Dec 2012] I got up this morning and thought "I dont do reviews" but here I am. I have to say, what a truly class act that was. This was my Christmas treat from my wife and probably one of my best presents ever. She had kept the surprise until I walked in the door and saw the poster. The quality of the sound and light show was amazing (shame about one of the lights having a mind of its own in the saecond half). I just closed my eyes and melted into the guitar solos. The Trinity Youth Theatre really added to the atmosphere on the wall tracks. As we waited for the performance to start I said to my wife "I doubt if they will do gig in the sky as it is such a powerful song". Well you girls proved me wrong. I was blown away. My wife is a floyd novice, but having seen you have a show in East Grinstead next year, she is lookling forward to seeing you again. And so am I. See you then. - John Holland
Reply from The Floyd Effect: Hi John, thank you for the review, glad you enjoyed the show, do make yourself known and say hello at East Grinstead.

Have a great Xmas and New Year.

See you in 2013 :o)
(Gig: The Floyd Effect at Trinity Arts Centre, Royal Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 1st December 2012)
[Sat 1st Dec 2012] Just a line to say thanks for such a brilliant gig in Tunbridge Wells, and nice to see the kids from the Arts Centre join in on a few of the numbers. A spine tingling ' last gig in the sky' by the Girls showing up Helen Troy on the original track. Quite superb! You are just as good as the original Floyd who I was lucky to have seen live twice. Thanks once again for a mind blowing show. - Richard
Reply from The Floyd Effect: You are very welcome, thanks for coming along, a great last gig of 2012 for us.
(Gig: The Floyd Effect at Trinity Arts Centre, Royal Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 1st December 2012)
[Sat 24th Nov 2012] Thanks for a great show last night at Skegness. The second set was excellent. Would love to hear you do the earlier stuff - do you plan to do this show at Skegness in the future? - John and Chris Kershaw
Reply from The Floyd Effect: Hi,
afraid there are no current plans to do the psychedelic pre 1973 set at Skegness at the moment, but do keep your eye on our websites as you never know, we may be in the area at some point :o)

Thanks for coming along to see us, hope we see you again soon.

All the best
(Gig: The Floyd Effect at The Embassy Theatre, Skegness on Friday 23rd November 2012)
[Mon 8th Oct 2012] Great show at the weekend in Wakefield guys. It must be a real challenge to play in a tribute band as almost all of the audience will know every single note and nuance from the original versions. - there's no slipping in a bit of new stuff off the forthcoming album either! I was lucky enough to have seen Pink Floyd (minus Roger Waters) in October 1994 at one of the Earl's Court gigs and I thought that your band was quite a faithful recreation of both the original sound and sets, obviously scaled down to suit the smaller venues. Mark's playing was an absolute spot on recreation of Dave Gilmore's guitar sound; he must have spent absolutely ages analysing Gilmore's timing and style, and the rest of the band were a really tight unit wherre everyone looked to be enjoying themselves and the audience responsed well to that. It'd be great if you were intending to tour next year in our part of the world here 'oop North, with the 'More Pompei' set. Look forward to seeing you again - Dr Nick Sutcliffe
(Gig: The Floyd Effect at Theatre Royal, Wakefield on Saturday 6th October 2012)
[Sun 3rd Jun 2012] Great show. The playing, sound and lighting/effects were all first class and it was really like seeing Floyd in a more intimate environment. 'Dogs' was bold, unexpected and very refreshing. Although I love the late 80s & mid 90s Floyd setlists, they are already very well documented on DVD and I think you have the potential to be much better than a live copy of these concerts. How about further deviations like performing songs from the 'Final Cut' or 'Amused to Death' (or other solo albums for that matter). Great stuff though guys and I'm already planning my next trip to see you (early Floyd at Ruislip sounds very interesting). - dave
[Sun 20th May 2012] At Chipping Norton on the 19th, fantastic show, nearly three hours of classic Floyd. The level of performance was excellent throughout the show and a real treat to hear dark side in full and a run out for some of animals. - Roger Smith
Reply from The Floyd Effect: Hi Roger,
thank you you're very kind, we loved Chipping Norton, first time there for some of us and what a beautiful place. Loved the Theatre and the staff there were fantastic, as were the crowd of course ;o) - Hope we see you again soon.
[Sat 5th May 2012] Fantastic performance and brilliant recovery from the power tripping out early on! Loved all the songs and performers, special mention to the sax-playing vocalist (am learning the sax myself). Hope she keeps doing the sax parts. My 29 year old daughter is thrilled that I'm taking her to see you in Ipswich on 2nd June. All the very best and thanks a gain for a great night in Sudbury Nigel - nigel
Reply from The Floyd Effect: Hi Nigel, you are very welcome, thanks for coming along. It's great to hear that people have enjoyed the show. See you in Ipswich ;o) TFE
[Sun 27th Nov 2011] Best night out in many a while. Absolutely fantastic band, that looked as though they were enjoying themselves as much as we were. As close to the original as i am likely to ever see. Can't wait to see again. - Neil
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