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The General Eliott, Uxbridge

PubTel: 01895 237385
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Friendly local pub with live music every Friday and Saturday night.
Upcoming acts (4 of 123 total): Sat 10th Dec: Jason Stretch... Wed 14th Dec: General Eliott Open Mic... Fri 16th Dec: MOT... Sat 17th Dec: Undersound... Newest gig: Fri 25th Aug 2017: The Stan Bland Band [Pop / Rock]... View All Gigs for The General Eliott »
Contact Details
NameThe General Eliott
AddressSt. Johns Road, Uxbridge, London UB8 2UR
Tel01895 237385
Contact NameSue Carpenter
emailno email address
Enquiriesno email address
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