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Example screenshot - click for detailsLemonrock QuizMaster - How To Play
Lemonrock QuizMaster is a daily LIVE 4-minute online quiz with 10 multiple-choice questions.
There are 4 answers for each question. Only one answer is correct.
To answer the question, click on the correct answer before the countdown ends.
You can change your answer as often as you like within the countdown time.
Each correct answer is worth 3 points.
You can double (6) or quadruple (12) your points by clicking on either joker icon ('x2' or 'x4') during a question. You can use each joker only once in the game.
The maximum score is 42 : 3 points for each answer, plus an extra 3 points for a doubled answer and an extra 9 points for a quadrupled answer.
Your name, location and score will be recorded in the scoreboards after the game.
Scores from archived quizzes are not recorded.
Games can be played live at 7:30pm each day, or afterwards from the archive section.
To play QuizMaster, you must be logged in to Lemonrock as a member. If you're not a member, you can join FREE as a Music Lover.